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Terms & Conditions

Our terms and conditions are as follows,  and are subject to change

Bornova Architecture and Town Planning Pty Ltd terms of engagement are as follows.

By authorising, you accept all the below terms :

  1. Our fees are charged and payable as per described plus GST Deposit, and balance upon completion of documentation / prior handover of documents to builder, client or authorities /estate submission. For Construction documentation will not be released until full payment has been finalised. Payment Terms are 7 days upon receipt of invoice. We reserve the right to seek payment of account prior to the release of the work.
  2. Our fees are exclusive of any Town Planning related works including the preparation of plans, reports, council meetings or approvals related to Town Planning Approvals. If this is required, a price submission for this work will be provided.
  3. Our fees above are fixed fee components. Further client or authority or external consultant requested variations ( including following estate submission ) will incur a variation fee of $185/hour +GST. The design allows 2 amendments excluding re-design. We will inform you of such variations prior to completing them.
  4. Our fee does not include application or authority fees and fees of external consultants such as engineers, energy consultants, landscape architects, and land surveyor associated costs for site re-establishment or AHD levels.
  5. Planning information such as services plans or hard copy supply of our plans are reimbursable at cost upon supply of receipt. Any designs produced are the intellectual property of Bornova Architecture & Town Planning and can only be used for the subject site they were designed for. We do not release AutoCAD files.
  6. Our timeframe for completing the working drawings following final design approval is as per your signed authority with us. Our approximate timeframe to respond and updated in accord to client review / changes is as per your signed authority with us.
  7. We will keep the client informed of our progress via regular correspondence and meetings.
  8. We may obtain the clients authority to change or amend the services we provide.
  9. We reserve the right to withdraw from the provision of services under the agreement if we reasonably believe that the provision of those services would cause us to contravene the Architects Act, the Regulations or this Code.
  10. The price is exclusive of electrical plans/lighting calculations. If required by the building surveyor, the fee is as per the signed authority with us based on the original number of storeys and the size of the home plusGST. For larger homes where the overal size is larger than the signed authority, add $15+GST for every square thereafter.
  11. The fee is for a design up to as per the signed authority with us, add $75+GST for every square thereafter.
  12. Unless stated otherwise, this does not include electrical plans / lighting calculations / internal elevations / or any other service unless noted otherwise.
  13. All fees exlcude GST
  14. We cannot started works without signed authority and the deposit paid.
  15. Prices are subject to change without notice,   and are not confirmed until authority signed and deposit paid.
  16. We do not carry out dispensation works including build over easement.   This is to be carried out by the building surveyor.